Hazem Imam: Vitoria has absolute freedom in his choices, and Clattenburg continues

Hazem Emam, a member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association, confirmed that the Portuguese Roy Vitoria, the technical director of the Egyptian national team, has absolute freedom in the choices of players and must work from his brain.

Hazem Imam said in an interview with the media, Seif Zaher, on the “On Time Stadium” program broadcast on Ontime Sports: “Vitoria has absolute freedom in the players’ choices, and he seeks to try more than one player and he must work from his brain.”

Hazem Imam added: “Every coach must be criticized as soon as any list of matches is announced. exists.”

He continued, “The Belgium match is very important with one of the best international teams and the third in the world rankings, and our capabilities will appear in the midst of these teams.”

A member of the Football Association explained: “Vitoria wants to play offensive football, and our form will differ from the past, but we must be patient with the man and evaluate the period after its end, and the man’s relative works.”

Hazem Emam added: “The morale is high in the Egyptian team’s camp before facing Belgium, and the ball is a gain and a loss, and Vitoria is a great coach.”

Regarding Clattenburg, Hazem Imam said: “Clattenberg is continuing with the Football Association and there is no intention to leave or change it, and mistakes will still exist, but the man will do everything in his power to develop the referees, and I do not know why every little bit of talk about the man’s departure.”


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