“Handing over their elements to Egypt” .. an audio leak of my brothers’ threat to take revenge on Erdogan

Days before the Istanbul bombing and the chaos of the 11-11 movement, which was called by the Brotherhood in Egypt to call for mass demonstrations and overthrow the Egyptian regime, an audio leak appeared of members of the Brotherhood residing in Istanbul, containing threats of revenge against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after it was reported that he had been handed over to the elements them to Egypt.

club house meeting

The “Club House” platform witnessed a discussion session on October 28, which was called by the Muslim Brotherhood activist Mona Al-Shazly, who resides in America, to discuss the repercussions of the Turkish authorities’ detention of the Brotherhood’s Hossam Al-Ghamry, and to find out the reason for his arrest. With kinetic names, such as Bayrakdir II Al-Muhajir, Hassoun, Ahmed Al-Hamad, Laith, Mister Wika, Ghanem Ghanem, Hisham Ibrahim, and Zakaria Al-Thaeer.

The meeting included insults and criticism against Turkey and the Turkish authorities, and of course the Egyptian regime did not escape from that either. One of the attendees, Bayrakdir II al-Muhajir, threatened that their next target would be Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the event that he handed over – according to his description – the opponents residing in Turkey to the Egyptian authorities. Among them is Hossam Al-Ghamry.

Al-Muhajir said in his leak, of which Al-Arabiya.net obtained a copy, that the Egyptian Brotherhood journalist Ahmed Mansour was previously detained at an airport in Germany, and the group was afraid of his extradition to Egypt against the background of judicial rulings against him in cases of terrorism, violence and incitement, but He was released, calling on the Turkish authorities to treat the Muslim Brotherhood journalist Hossam Al-Ghamry reciprocally, and to release him and not respond to the Egyptian authorities’ request for his extradition, otherwise the next target for them will be Erdogan himself.

From the Istanbul bombing

From the Istanbul bombing

immigrant proposal

According to the leak, the Brotherhood activist, during the discussion, seems to know his identity, she tried to play on this chord and asked the participants to pay attention to Al-Muhajir’s proposal, and she explicitly mentioned his name, Mustafa the lawyer.

According to the latest development, the Turkish authorities have decided to transfer the detained Muslim Brotherhood journalist, Hossam Al-Ghamry, to a prison on the Iranian border, in a move that may mean his imminent extradition to Cairo or his deportation outside its lands.

Ankara decided to deport Al-Ghamri to Agri prison in the state of Agri, which is located near the Iranian border, after he was detained for days, interrogated, and listed on terrorism codes on charges of inciting against Egypt and calling for chaos in the 11-11 movement.

Despite the intervention of senior Brotherhood leaders, as well as Ayman Nour, the opposition leader residing in Istanbul and the owner of Al Sharq TV, with the Turkish authorities to release Al-Ghamri, the recent Turkish decision aborted all interventions and mediations.

Incitement against Egypt

And the Turkish authorities had previously detained Al-Ghamry with a number of broadcasters and media professionals affiliated with the Brotherhood, after repeating their call for incitement against Egypt and calling for what they described as the revolutionary movement in Egypt, last Friday, which was unsuccessful.

This came also days after Al-Ghamry’s release following mediation by Brotherhood leader Seif Abdel Fattah, the former advisor to the ousted Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi, but after the Brotherhood’s media exit, he did not abide by the authorities’ instructions to stop incitement against Egypt and the Egyptian regime, and continued to escalate and call for demonstrations, chaos and spreading rumors and lies. .

After his release, Al-Ghamry revealed that he went out to complete his role in the crowd for Friday’s demonstrations, forcing the Turkish authorities to re-detain him again and deport him to Agri prison.

Istanbul bombing

It is noteworthy that the Turkish city of Istanbul witnessed, on Sunday evening, at least 6 people were killed and 81 others were injured in an explosion in a crowded area in the city center.

And the account of the state-run Anadolu news agency quoted Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, on Monday, that the police had arrested the person who left the bomb that caused the Istanbul explosion.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened, during a speech broadcast on Turkish television, to reveal the perpetrators of the bombing, adding: “They will receive their punishment.”

Erdogan continued by saying that the people trying to undermine his country “will not achieve their ambition,” noting that the attempts of “terrorist groups” will be doomed to failure.

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