Hamdallah enters history with 3 official decisions that save victory

The great Moroccan star blew up Abdul Razzaq HamdallahHe turned the attack of the first football team at Al-Ittihad Club, 3 historic surprises, in his “relationship” with Al-Nasr.

And Hamdallah, who is 31 years old, played in the first football team of a club VictoryFrom August 2018 to November 2021, before moving “for free” to Al-Ittihad, in the last winter Mercato.

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And after moving to Union Club.. The Nasrawi administration filed a complaint against the great Moroccan star, on charges of negotiating with the brigadier general, during the protected period of his contract, with Al-Alamy Castle.

* 3 historic decisions by Abdel-Razzaq Hamdallah in his “relationship” with Al-Nasr Club

In this context, the sports journalist Ayed Al-Rashidi revealed, via the “24 Sports Channel” space on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, that Hamdallah had taken 3 official decisions, since the outbreak of his crisis with Al-Nasr; As follows:

1- Hamdallah refused to terminate his contract with Al-Nasr, at the beginning of the crisis, despite the delay in his salaries for 8 full months; At that time, he could file a complaint with the International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA” and obtain the value of the penalty clause “84 million Saudi riyals”.

2- Hamdallah will not appeal, before the International Sports Court “Cass”, against the decision of “FIFA”, by obtaining financial compensation from Al-Nasr, estimated at 13 million riyals only, although he can collect a larger amount than that.

3- Hamdallah will pay the value of the financial fine against him, issued by the Saudi Sports Arbitration Center, which is estimated at 300 thousand riyals, in the Al-Nasr case, and he will not appeal against the decision; Although FIFA regulations may allow him to do so, as a foreign player.

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The sports journalist stressed that Hamdallah closed his case with Al-Nasr permanently, and will no longer become a party to it, following his refusal to appeal the “arbitration” and “FIFA” decisions.

Al-Rashidi denied the possibility of Al-Nasr winning, in the last stage of litigation, before the “Cass” court, especially after “FIFA” and the Saudi Arbitration Center officially treated the Moroccan star.

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