Hakimi loses his temper over the FIFA President

A Paris court on Saturday postponed the trial of seven young men linked to the far-right suspected of planning to confront Moroccan fans following the World Cup semi-final match between Morocco and France.

The police arrested the young men, along with dozens of others, on Wednesday, in a bar in the 17th arrondissement of the French capital, after the match in which France beat Morocco with two clean goals.

While the other detainees were released without charge, a police source stated that there are suspicions that these seven young men are planning to go to the Champs-Elysees, to confront the Moroccan fans there.

Among the young men is Marc de Cacray-Vallumnier, 24, who is suspected of being the leader of the far-right Zouave Paris group, which was banned by the authorities in January.

The public prosecutor said he suspected Vallumnier of being behind the call to gather at the bar to “defend the flag against the Moroccans”.

All the defendants were released on bail and January 13 was set for a court hearing.

The police arrested about 115 people in Paris, after the French national team’s match against Morocco, and clashes took place last Saturday, after France’s victory over England in the quarter-finals.

The police deployed heavily on Saturday, before the third-place match between Morocco and Croatia, in which Croatia won 2-1.

About 14,000 police will be deployed throughout France on Sunday to ensure security after the confrontation between France and Argentina in the World Cup final.

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