Haifa Wehbe: A solidarity campaign with the Lebanese artist after she was subjected to electronic bullying

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe

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Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe

The famous Lebanese actress, Haifa Wehbe, led the discussions of pioneers of social networking sites in various Arab countries after her appearance in the Riyadh season.

After Wehbe appeared in a press conference that preceded her concert in the Riyadh season, tweets circulated pictures of the artist and said that “signs of aging appeared on her.”

However, the comments were not limited to that, but her tone carried a tone of schadenfreude, which was described by singers and famous followers of the Lebanese artist as “bullying the icon of the screen”, and that it is “a serious social phenomenon that indicates a deeper problem.”

Haifa Wehbe comments

Following the controversy on social media, the artist Haifa Wehbe appeared in a telephone interview with the Egyptian media, Amr Adib, and commented on the uproar caused by her pictures, and confirmed that “her appearance in her natural form on the stage represents the appropriate response to this noise.”

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