God does not help us.. A video by Al-Sudani, “No food in Al-Kadhimiya Hospital”

Still documented scenes visit Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad al-Sudani Two days ago, to Al-Kadhimiya Teaching Hospital in Baghdad, the Iraqis talked on social media.

After he became angry at the dire situation of the hospital, the deteriorating services, and the absence of doctors, in a scene that spread like wildfire during the past hours, in which Al-Sudani appeared saying, “God does not grant us success in this service,” a number of Iraqis circulated a new video.

The meals are gone!

The Prime Minister seemed to be talking to a patient in Kadhimiya Hospital, asking, “How was dinner today?” The patient replied, “No dinner.”

So the Sudanese turned to one of the employees and said, Moments ago, they told me that the hospital provides 3 meals!

The patient interrupted him again, confirming: “No meals are provided to patients in the hospital!”

Transfer of 13 employees

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Health, Saleh Al-Hasnawi, ordered yesterday, Monday, the transfer of 13 employees from the aforementioned hospital to the outskirts of the capital, after criticizing Al-Sudani for not paying attention to the auditors and the absence of resident doctors, vowing to take measures against them.

While some criticized these measures, considering that they are “dishonoured” with junior employees and doctors, instead of punishing the adults.

While others saw that this visit was just a show and nothing more, stressing that all the prime ministers who succeeded in office during the past years visited this medical facility and did not move a finger.

Oil-rich Iraq has been drowning for years in a deep-rooted corruption crisis, which has permeated many official institutions, exacerbated by the dominance of political parties and their sharing of the state’s spoils and positions.

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