Full details of the Dalabeh killer and the Ma’an cell raid in Jordan

Today, Monday, the Public Security Directorate in Jordan confirmed that all the technical and laboratory evidence, investigations, and information collected confirmed that the murdered terrorist is the same person. The killer of Colonel Abdul Razzaq al-Dalabeh after executing Raiding a terrorist cell In the Husayniyyah area in Ma’an Governorate.

Burning tires and closing the public street

And the Directorate confirmed in a statement that all the information obtained showed the existence of a criminal terrorist agreement that they had arranged for each of them to play the role required of him. Fire at the Public Security men, as soon as they arrived to deal with the riots, which was implemented on the ground and matched all the data, descriptions, and locations at the crime scene.

Weapon match

The Directorate indicated that the weapon used by the terrorist was identical today during the raid that killed him Three security men And five injuries, along with the samples taken from the scene of the murder of Brigadier General Al-Dalabeh, after matching them technically at the forensic laboratory through technical examinations that leave no room for doubt, which proved that it was the same weapon used in the killing of Al-Dalabeh.

She emphasized that the security force that carried out the raid this morning was highly qualified and efficient and worked for long hours to arrest all the wanted persons, and neutralize the killer in complex circumstances that accompanied the raid, and the killer tried to exploit it by being in a residential area and moving him between adjacent houses, with children inside. And women, in addition to an attempt by neighbors to impede the work of the force, and disable it until the force was able to neutralize, isolate and kill him, despite the fact that he fired at them heavily and was prepared with large quantities of ammunition.

The statement also concluded by saying that the Public Security Directorate had funerals for three of its finest young men who sacrificed their lives for the country in defense of its security and the security of its citizens, expressing its regret that poisoned trumpets were broadcast on social media to cast doubt and fabricate false narratives.

It is noteworthy that a state of sadness, anger, and denunciation prevailed in the governorates over this brutal act, which no one accepts in Jordan, while popular and official events affirmed their support for the security services.

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