France .. The behavior of a man who “come home late” saves the residents of a building before it collapses

Iranian archer Parmida Qassemi said she did not notice her veil fell off her head during an award ceremony in Tehran, after she appeared in a video clip to let it fall in a clip widely interpreted as a gesture to show her support for the protests in the country.

Qassemi said in a video clip she posted on Instagram that she did not notice the fall of the veil “because of the wind and a lot of stress.”

“This led to reactions that caused some misunderstandings. I never had a problem with my family or the hijab. I wanted to apologize to the people, the officials and my teammates,” she added in the clip in which she appeared wearing the hijab.

Iran has witnessed nationwide protests since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was detained by the morality police nearly two months ago for wearing “inappropriate clothes”.

Video clips circulated on social media also showed the national basketball team appearing to refrain from chanting the national anthem during a match with China in Tehran on Friday.

This came after video clips last week showed the national water polo team refraining from singing the anthem during a competition in Thailand.

In the clip of the bow and arrow ceremony that was circulated on social media, Qassemi was standing alongside others on the podium when she let her veil fall while people from the audience who did not appear in the clip applauded shouting “Bravo”. The player who was standing next to her tried to lift her veil, but she pushed her head away.

Last week, players of the national beach soccer team refused to sing the anthem at the start of a match against the Emirates in Dubai, according to the popular (1500 Photos) account, which is active on Twitter and has a wide following.

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