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A large number of technology enthusiasts interacted with a new tool called “ChatGPT” because of the enormous capabilities it offers and the smoothness in the conversations it has with users, which far outperforms the chat programs currently available.

Site mentioned CNBC The program available on smartphones and can also be used through browsers is a robot designed by artificial intelligence to answer user questions in a creative way and even write articles when asked to do so.

ChatGPT first appeared in late November, and quickly became a trend in the technology field, becoming the talk of the hour on social media.

The program was created by the San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research firm OpenAI, headed by researcher Sam Altman, with backing from Microsoft, LinkedIn co-founder Reed Hoffman, and other large companies.

The service was so popular with users that it was downloaded more than a million times just five days after its launch, according to Altman.

A user named Tobias Zwingmann said that he uses the program to write his lectures that he gives to students, and explained that he asked ChatGPT to explain the workings of the machine learning technology known as DBSCAN, step by step because he was “too lazy to write it all down” and the bot did so.

He explained that this whole thing took 30 minutes, while he usually spends a whole day writing a lecture of this kind.

ChatGPT has been downloaded over a million times in five days

Why caused such a sensation?

Technology executives and investors have praised the program, with some even comparing it to Apple’s launch of the iPhone in 2007.

Five days after OpenAI launched ChatGPT, Altman said the chat tool had “passed 1 million users!”

And in 2016, tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft excelled in providing digital assistants as the first step to human-computer interaction. They boasted that chatbots could later order an Uber on a user’s behalf, or buy plane tickets, book hotels, and answer questions as humans do.

However, CNBC confirmed that progress has been slow despite the passage of six years, noting that the majority of chatbots that people interact with are “relatively primitive, as they are only able to answer primitive questions on corporate helpdesk pages or help frustrated customers.” Because they don’t understand why their bills are so high.”

The network stated that “ChatGPT” is among the first programs that can adopt “natural language” in its conversation with users.

She said that the program reflects part of a larger trend in which technology investors are pumping billions of dollars in favor of emerging companies specialized in the field of “generative AI”, which refers to the ability of computers to automatically create texts, videos, images and other media using learning techniques. Advanced automation.

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