For his refusal to suppress the protesters in Iran, the Revolutionary Guards liquidates one of its members

While angry demonstrations have continued in Iran since last September, the security forces are suppressing the protesters by all means and methods.

It also appears that the Iranian regime is resorting to killing those who refuse to suppress and confront the demonstrators. The “Iran International” website revealed that a member of the “Muhammad Messenger of God” Corps of the Revolutionary Guards, named Qassem Fathallahi, was killed by the Revolutionary Guards forces.


According to the information, Qassem Fathallahi was killed on Tuesday afternoon, January 3, in front of his house, by firing three bullets, before the attacker fled on a motorcycle.

Iran International’s sources also indicated that the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization had suspected Qassem Abdullahi a few weeks ago and placed him under surveillance, noting that Fatehullah had refrained from confronting and suppressing the demonstrators.

Police in Tehran to monitor the protests (AFP)

Police in Tehran to monitor the protests (AFP)


The intelligence of the Revolutionary Guards concluded that Fathallahi was not alone and that he was linked to a part of the security forces that refrained from shooting at protesters and suppressing them.

According to “Iran International” sources in Iran, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization is very concerned about the growing tendency of the security forces to refrain from confronting the protesters, and has initiated measures to deal with this trend.

As the site’s sources say, Qassem Fathallahi was in contact with a network of demonstrators via the “PlayStation” device. The attacker or someone else who was with him took the PlayStation.

Clashes between Iranian riot police and demonstrators in Tehran (archives from France Press)

Clashes between Iranian riot police and demonstrators in Tehran (archives from France Press)

chat rooms

In the past months, there have been several reports in the media that protesting youth in different cities of Iran are using private chat rooms available in online games on PlayStation to coordinate street demonstrations.

And that the number of games available on the “PlayStation” is endless, and this problem makes it impossible to track and listen to these conversations.

deliberate attack

It is not yet clear whether the killing of Qassem Fathallahi was the result of an attempt to seize and confiscate the “PlayStation” and that the operation got out of control or was a deliberate and calculated attack.

On Tuesday, “Fares” and “Tasnim” agencies published a short news about the killing of a member of the “Muhammad Messenger of God” Corps of the Revolutionary Guards.

According to these two agencies affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Fathallahi, who was the commander of the Basij Tharallah headquarters, was shot dead on Tuesday afternoon in front of his house in Tehran.

An unusual procedure

And the Tasnim news agency wrote, on Wednesday, January 4, in a supplementary report that Qassem Fathallahi was killed by an armed thief who tried to rob his brother’s house. It also indicated that this murder case was referred to the Tehran investigation police and the investigation is still ongoing.

Referring the case of the killing of a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to the investigation department is an unusual procedure and could be a sign of an attempt by the IRGC intelligence to cover up the truth.

It is reported that in the past years, many murders carried out by the intelligence agents of the Revolutionary Guards or the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence were forgotten by referring them to the Police Investigation Department.

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