Foiling the largest Captagon smuggling operation in Jordan..inside dates!

In a qualitative and professional operation, due to the smugglers’ cunningness in concealing drugs, the Jordanian Customs Service, in cooperation with the security services, thwarted the largest and largest smuggling operation of the narcotic Captagon, amounting to 6 million pills.

The media spokesman for the Jordanian Customs Department said in a statement received by that the customs cadres working at the Al-Karamah border customs center, in cooperation and coordination with the security services, managed to thwart the smuggling of 6 million pills of the narcotic Captagon, equivalent to 1,000 kg, which were found hidden inside Date paste, which is one of the largest and most professional seizures of Captagon pills that drug dealers tried to bring into Jordan.

The Al-Karamah border crossing or Trebil border complex is the only border crossing between Jordan and Iraq. It is located between the Jordanian town of Ruwaished in Mafraq Governorate, and the Iraqi town of Trebil in Anbar Governorate. It is about 320 km from the Jordanian capital, Amman, and 575 km from the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Drugs inside dates

The media spokesman added: During the close inspection and actual inspection of two “Brad” trucks carrying foreign license plates coming from a neighboring country, I found Captagon narcotic pills hidden in a professional manner and in a manner that is difficult to detect inside the date paste that was hidden inside it within a shipment of date cartons.

In the details, about 509 kg of the anesthetic Captagon pills were seized in the first truck’s “refrigerator” hidden inside the date dough material, in addition to the seizure of approximately 483 kg of the anesthetic Captagon in the other truck’s “refrigerator” and within the same date dough material.

Hit the poison dealers’ dens

In turn, the Director General of the Jordanian Customs Brigade, Jalal Al-Qudah, said that the customs salaries, in cooperation and coordination with the security services and the authorities operating in the border posts, are working with all capabilities to dry up the sources of entry of drugs by strengthening their control at the border crossings, and striking the dens of poison dealers and their promoters in light of the expansion The extent of the spread of psychotropic substances, and the introduction of new chemically manufactured types.

Al-Qudah expressed his appreciation and pride in the efforts of customs cadres and their ability to confront innovative criminal methods in drug smuggling with efficiency and competence.

It is noteworthy that Captagon pills are a chemically prepared substance that stimulates the central nervous system, causes addiction to a large extent, and leads to serious physical and psychological problems that cause death, and it is a prohibited pill at the international level and is included in the drug list.

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