FIFA surprises Al-Hilal with a new decision… and shakes victory with shocking penalties

FIFA surprised my club Victory And Al-Hilal, with “new decisions” that shook the Saudi sports street.

And Al-Nassr is presenting a good season in 2022-2023; Where it ranks second, in the ranking table Roshen Saudi Professional Leaguewith 19 points, 3 points ahead of the “leading” youth.

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As for Crescent moon – The league champion in the last three years -, He is suffering in the current season; It ranks fourth in the ranking table, with 17 points.

* The date of Al-Hilal’s participation in the Club World Cup 2022

And according to “PaparazzoRN”, the International Federation of Football Associations decided to establish clubs World Cup 2022, in the United Arab Emirates.

And “FIFA” set a large percentage, from February 1 to February 12, 2023, to hold the Club World Cup, which was postponed; because of World Cup for teams 2022in Doha, Qatar.

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The first football team of Al-Hilal Club will participate in the 2022 Club World Cup, as a title holder AFC Champions LeagueAnd not to determine the new continental champion, except in late February, that is, after the World Cup.

* Shocking penalties against Al-Nasr Club

On the other hand, it seems that FIFA has taken new sanctions against Al-Nasr Club. To be officially announced in the coming days.

Sports journalist Ayed Al-Rashidi announced, via the “24 Sports Channel” space on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, that “FIFA” had taken new shocking decisions against a major Saudi club.

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Al-Rashidi hinted that this club; is victory; By saying: “The future of the club (Sodoy) … may score new deals next winter, and it may not be recorded.”

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