FIFA gives Morocco the highest rating in the World Cup with Argentina

FIFA awarded the Morocco national team the highest rating in the 2022 World Cup finals, equal to the World Cup champion Argentina.

And the “Atlas Lions” won fourth place in the World Cup in Qatar, as the best Arab and African achievement.

FIFA gave Morocco and Argentina the highest rating in the World Cup, in a report published on its website, during which it said: The “Atlas Lions” reached the World Cup after a relatively easy qualification, as it managed to achieve six victories in the group stage and defeated Congo with a total score of 2-5. In the decisive confrontation last March, they reached the quarter-finals in the African Cup of Nations at the beginning of this year.

He added, “With this, the popular expectation was that Senegal and Ghana would carry Africa’s hopes to skip the group stage, as Morocco had not achieved this achievement since 1986, and with a mixture of organized defense and effective counter-attacks, Morocco achieved an unprecedented achievement by qualifying for the semi-finals for the first time in the history of Africa.” . The team included a group of young players who were well employed in the work system of coach Walid Rekraki, and with a clear strategy, enthusiasm and sacrifice, the “Atlas Lions” were able to defeat the elite teams in the world, and therefore it was not surprising that they received an excellent rating in the tournament.

Argentina, the World Cup champion for the third time in its history, also got an excellent rating alongside Morocco, while FIFA gave France the runner-up a very good rating, and the same rating for Croatia and Japan.

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