Fierce battles for Donetsk.. and Russia controls most of Marinka

The city of Marinka, in the west of Donetsk Province, is still witnessing hot fights Between the Russian and Ukrainian forces that are still resisting in some neighborhoods.

The pro-Moscow Donetsk province authorities say that Russian fighters have taken control of most of Marinka, and are seeking to extend their influence over the last pocket of the city to open the way for Russian military supplies.

Yesterday, Saturday, a member of the Main Council of the Zaporizhya Province Administration, Vladimir Rogov, revealed that the Russian forces advanced 7 kilometers in Zaporizhya from the front line.

“Today’s results on the Zaporizhia front: In one day, our forces advanced to a depth of about 7 kilometers. At least 7 districts were liberated,” Rogov wrote on Telegram, according to Russian media.

While he pointed out that “the enemy’s artillery suffers from a severe shortage of shells.”

Officials from Ukraine’s Zaporizhia and Sumy regions said on Saturday that Russia had intensified its bombing of areas in eastern Ukraine beyond the main front line in the industrial Donbass region.

Russia occupies privileged positions

Russia’s Defense Ministry said a recent offensive had made its forces occupy more advantageous positions along the Zaporizhia front line, which Ukrainian military officials called an exaggeration.

Since Ukraine launched a daring counter-offensive in late August, the fighting has been concentrated in Donbass, which includes most of the partly Russian-controlled Luhansk and Donetsk regions that Moscow says it has annexed.

Officials and analysts said the Russian attacks were aimed at overburdening Ukraine’s defenses and preventing Kyiv from regaining territory.

Oleksandr Starukh, governor of Ukraine’s southeastern Zaporizhia region, said on Telegram that Russia bombed the region 166 times during the day, with 113 attacks targeting populated areas, killing a civilian. Russia says it does not target civilians.

Dmytro Chivyetsky, governor of the Sumy region, said on Telegram that Russian forces had launched 115 attacks in the region bordering Russia in northeastern Ukraine. He added that a 17-year-old man was injured and a number of homes and infrastructure facilities were destroyed.

Air defense exercises

And Russia announced, on Saturday, that it had conducted air defense exercises in the Moscow region, to protect its vital infrastructure in the event of “air attacks”, against the backdrop of the conflict with Ukraine.

The ministry said that the exercises used portable (S-300) surface-to-air batteries, but it did not mention the exact location of the exercises.

This follows reports from social media that Pantsir-S-1 anti-aircraft missiles have been mounted on buildings in central Moscow, including the roof of the Defense Ministry’s command center.

The Russian air defense capability came into question after drones coming from Ukraine attacked two air bases deep in Russian territory.

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