Features of the Windows operating system and its versions and functions of the Windows operating system

Advantages of the Windows operating system The system is one of the operating systems used by people all over the world, as it is used by laptops or desktop computers as well as creating terminals thanks to the features it provides, so I invite you to learn more on the Egypt Brief website.

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Windows operating system

  • The concept of the Windows operating system refers to several families of graphics operating systems, each developed, released and sold by Microsoft.
  • Each family contributes to the requirements of the elite segment of the industry for the computing sector, and there are many versions of the system suitable for PCs and many phones as well.
  • Windows has many features that explain people’s tendency to use it.

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Windows features

  • Adding a new start menu, the company returned this menu.
  • Windows 10 has been updated to bring a digital assistant called Cortana to the PC desktop to make it easier to interact with the device without the need for manual maneuvering.
  • So the management of this innovation depends on Microsoft in terms of audio.
  • Owning the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Virtual desktop development is one of the features of the Windows operating system.
  • Universal application development.
  • Although the speed varies from version to version.
  • Compatibility with different devices, this feature varies from one version to another.
  • Use tools with low requirements because they work on not very high specification devices.
  • Improved search and organization button in some versions.
  • The development of protection and security systems is one of the features of the Windows operating system.
  • Develop changes to the interface and thus the desktop.
  • Improve the taskbar and start menu.
  • The ability to perform a task simultaneously, perform multiple tasks at the same time, or run a group of programs.
  • For applications running under Windows, all windows take on a unified form.
  • Windows includes several utilities (writing text – drawing – calendar – Windows Explorer – and others).
  • An Arabic version that makes it easier for the Arab user to influence the computer, write and print in the Arabic language.
  • Mouse, monitor, printer, etc. Simple communication devices that connect to and interact with a computer, such as.
  • Expanding and controlling huge memory as a DOS system can only affect 640KB of primary RAM.
  • In Windows, up to 1 GB of memory is fully used and is a feature of the Windows operating system.

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versions of Windows operating systems

  • The advantages of the Windows operating system make it the most popular system in the world, as the system designs a graphical interface that helps it interact with the system easily without the need to know complex commands.
  • Because the user can use the mouse to point and click icons on the screen, the company’s first version was released in 1985, and the system has an MS-DOS graphical interface.
  • So the Microsoft Disk OS shortcodes required this to be Microsoft Corporation’s first aid operating system, but users of the technology had to type commands.
  • Or the instructions inside the command hold and then the instruction interpreter executes them.
  • Nowadays, the use of this technology is limited to modern computer systems and applications due to the lack of support for multiple users or multitasking and is characterized by a usability problem.
  • Therefore, in the late 1990s, the Help system was replaced by other easy systems and some versions of the operating system.
  • Windows 3.1 in 1991.
  • Windows 95 in 1995.
  • Windows 98.
  • Windows 2000 operating system.
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Microsoft started to gain fame with the release of Windows 98 in all versions up to Windows Vista, occupying 90% of the domestic market by 2004.

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Windows tasks

  • Operating systems include multiple tasks and functions related to operating the device and controlling its components, physical devices, and accessories, and we will define the most important tasks of the operating system in the following points:
  • Check the information path, the operating system transmits data on the computer from one unit to another and also organizes the exchange between the different units of the device.
  • It also organizes various data archives and keeps detailed information about their size and location.
  • Downloading Application Software An important task of the operating system is to download firmware from attached storage units or storage media related to the computer into memory.
  • The method of downloading the program aims to transfer it from the storage medium to the largest memory and then to the processing unit in preparation for its execution.
  • After running the program from most of the memory, to create space for downloading and running other application programs, if the program is not always there.
  • Control of most memory modules Some operating systems have the advantage of executing one program at a time or by a single user working on the computer.
  • In these cases, the operating system’s responsibilities include deployments.
  • The largest amount of memory when multiple users are connected to the computer.
  • Input and output control, which includes controlling data entry via keyboard, mouse, or other.
  • Thus, the information display on the screen is processed or sent to the printer or other units.
  • It organizes communication with the user, the operating system, and the way the user meets the device, so the computer user can follow the programs that are running.
  • In addition to the feedback the computer displays on the screen, find commands that direct the computer to perform acceptable tasks.

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Windows 7 operating system

  • Windows 7 can be a system with many great features that make it different from all the previous systems.
  • It makes many users addicted to this technology, but Windows 7, like all other systems, has some drawbacks.

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1- Features of the Windows 7 operating system

  • Windows 7 installs and uses faster than any other operating system before it.
  • Thanks to this technology, we will easily download various touches, images and wallpapers from the Microsoft website.
  • We can also customize and save each part of these touches for later use.
  • Windows 7 has great advantages, we have a calculator that allows us to convert all units and also calculates economy coefficients including fuel consumption amounts.
  • Windows 7 does not experience many crashes, and this issue causes many users to trust it because it is fast and efficient in working.
  • Windows 7 also includes WordPad, which works very differently and is similar to Microsoft Office.
  • It has many features and this program allows you to use notepad to open and edit file names.

2- Other features

  • This system has been developed to support touch and recognize handwriting within the genre of computer games.
  • This technology enhances performance in multiprocessor optimization by integrating the system into virtual hard drives.
  • It allows us to overcome all the problems on the desktop, as it provides us with many modern and new features that eliminate all the problems on the desktop.
  • We can use graphics cards completely differently and to the fullest.
  • Windows 7 has a feature that makes backups very easy and also ensures that any information or data we have saved on it will be revived.
  • Windows 7 has a quick checklist that allows us to organize all the files we’ve used recently.
  • In addition, it enables us to use the pages used on the Internet easily and quickly.
  • Since the security system within the system is very strong, all user information is safe. From all hackers and the risk of intrusion.
  • Therefore, we advise you to believe in this technology, which has many advantages and helps users to access many services, and your information is completely safe.

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As a result, we have provided comprehensive information about the Windows operating system, its features, the operating system, and the features of Windows 7, and we hope that we have benefited you.

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