Family of Lockerbie bombing suspect reveals details of his “kidnapping”

family revealed One of the suspects in the Lockerbie bombing case. Which took place in 1988 and one of the wanted persons for the United States, Abu Ajila Masoud Al-Marimi, that she does not know his whereabouts or his fate days after his abduction.

And it said in a statement today, Monday, that armed men in civilian clothes aboard two “Toyota” cars stormed their house in the Abu Salim area of ​​the capital, Tripoli, at 1:30 a.m. on November 16, 2022, and kidnapped Abu Ajila and took him to an unknown destination, after assaulting him.

“for political purposes”

She also added that she did not know his whereabouts yet, considering that “his abduction was an investigation for political purposes aimed at harming the supreme interests of the country.”

While the family warned of the attempt of some political parties to exploit the state of chaos and political division in order to re-raise the file of the “Lockerbie” case, which was closed legally and politically according to the agreement signed with America and Libya in 2008.

‘Disappointing results’

It also considered that “the reopening of the Lockerbie case has dire consequences for the higher interests of the country,” and that “these attempts are being made in order to reach illegitimate political goals at the expense of the interest of the country and the citizen.”

family statement

family statement

She denounced the suspicious silence of the Libyan authorities regarding what Abu Ageila was subjected to after his “kidnapping and enforced disappearance,” blaming them for “any illegal acts and practices outside the judicial system that the government may take in the event of his extradition to a foreign country,” as well as the responsibility for his safety, saying He suffers from chronic diseases and needs health care, calling for his release.

Who is he and what are his interests?

It is noteworthy that Abu Ageila is an official of the intelligence apparatus during the era of the former regime, and he was convicted of charges related to the fatal accident that killed 270 people, including 190 Americans, during a flight between London and New York.

At the end of 2020, he was charged in the United States with his “involvement in planning and manufacturing the bomb” that brought down the plane over the “Lockerbie” area, and with committing crimes related to terrorism.

The Ministry of Justice is attached

Opponents of the unity government, Abdel Hamid al-Dabiba, accuse his loyal militias of being behind the kidnapping Abu Ageila To hand him over to Washington for trial on its soil, as part of a political deal to stay in power.

However, the Ministry of Justice in the Dabaiba government confirmed that the Lockerbie case file was completely closed politically and legally, according to an agreement between Libya and Washington and a previous decree issued by former US President George Bush in 2008.

And it said in a statement yesterday evening, Sunday, that “the Lockerbie case cannot be raised again, and it cannot be returned to it,” without clarifying the circumstances of Abu Ageila’s disappearance or providing details about his whereabouts or fate.

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