Execute the soldiers withdrawing from Ukraine

Kremlin propaganda chief Vladimir Solovyov has called for the death penalty to be reintroduced in Russia to “traitors” and soldiers who withdraw from the battle in Ukraine.

Solovyov, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, made the comments on his radio program Full Contact on Thursday, a day after Moscow announced its withdrawal from the city. Kherson Strategic Southern Ukraine.

“Acts of sabotage”

He offered to reinstate the death penalty for those suspected of “wartime sabotage” and Russian soldiers who withdraw from the fighting in Ukraine, Newsweek reports.

He added, “I believe that we must reject the moratorium on the death penalty and introduce provisions that allow the execution of traitors and their accomplices, terrorists and their accomplices, sponsors, and financiers, including shooting fugitives who have given up fighting and betrayed their comrades.”

Medvedev too

This comes after the announcement by the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, on November 2, that the death penalty could be reinstated if necessary by changing the legal positions of the country’s Constitutional Court committee.

He said, “In Russia, there is currently a moratorium on the death penalty, unlike all the major countries that possess nuclear weapons (the United States, China and India),” according to Russian media.

While he added: “Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize once again, even within the framework of the current constitution, the moratorium on the death penalty can be overcome if necessary by changing the legal positions of the Constitutional Court of Russia,” noting that “it is a question of choosing means to protect the interests of our people.” state, and society.”


It is reported that in 1996, Russia imposed a moratorium on the death penalty for membership in Council of Europe.

However, on February 25, 2022, a day after Moscow began its military operation in Ukraine, the Council of Europe decided to suspend Russia’s membership in it.

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