Enumerating the reasons… A Saudi writer proposes applying medical insurance to retirees

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Talal Al-Qashqari, called for applying medical insurance to retirees and transferring it to the public sector for the benefit required by their circumstances.

Nationalization of retirees

Al-Qashqari said, in his article entitled “Nationalization of the Retirees..!!”, which was published in Al-Madina newspaper: “The title of the article consists of two words, namely (nationalization) and (retirees), and a third word will mediate them, God willing, in the folds of the article.” “The word (nationalization) in general, is the transfer of ownership of a specific sector to the ownership of the homeland, that is, its transfer to the public sector for a public interest necessitated by the need and circumstances, and the word (retirees) is known, of course, to far and near, and it means employees who dismounted from the horses of jobs; when they reached the age of The legal retirement age.

Medical Insurance

And he continued: “As for the word that mediates the two words, I suggest that it be: (insurance), so that the title of the article becomes: (Nationalization of the insurance of retirees), and I mean the medical insurance that retirees need more than everything else, and yet most of them – if not all – are still – Without medical insurance, whether from their bodies in which they were employed, then their insurance cards were withdrawn from them upon their retirement, or from the Retirement and Social Insurance Corporation, and they either refer to dispensaries and government hospitals with their overcrowding and long appointments that do not suit their health conditions, or they deduct a part A large amount of their pension salaries for treatment, and originally, what is sufficient for their salaries that are less than their job salaries and did not increase, even by one riyal, for many years, interspersed with large price hikes in everything, including treatment prices?

Analyzes and surgeries

And he added: “In addition to the modest discounts granted to them by private clinics and hospitals, which are almost limited to 50% for examination, whose cost has increased exponentially from the previous one, so that the cost after the reduction becomes useless, and examination is not everything in treatment, as there are x-rays, analyzes, and surgeries.” Medicines and follow-up, which are almost not affected by any reduction, so many retirees receive their salaries in the morning, and finish them in the evening after paying their debts and utility bills, and buying their home bills.. and treatment.

conditions of retirees

And he continued: “So, and the situation is like this, I wish we would nationalize the insurance of the retirees, and transfer it to the ownership of the homeland, for a public interest necessitated by the need and circumstances of the retirees, and what a beautiful word it is (nationalisation) if we replace the letter M in it to the letter N, so it becomes and becomes (insurance) for the retirees.”


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