Energy crisis in Europe: Mozambique begins shipping liquefied gas to the European continent for the first time in its history

Nord Stream pipeline

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Europe faces a gas supply crisis after stopping gas pipelines from Russia

Mozambique began exporting liquefied natural gas for the first time, and the first shipments in the country’s history headed to energy-hungry Europe, in a move that the country’s President Filipe Nyusi described as historic.

Mozambique produced gas at an offshore terminal operated by Italian energy company Eni, but British oil giant British Petroleum (BP) has the rights to buy it.

The gas left on a British cargo ship for Europe, but its final destination, which country will receive this gas, is still unknown.

The shipment comes at a time when Europe is looking for alternative sources of gas, and is trying to reduce its dependence on Russia, after its invasion of Ukraine, and several countries have resorted to searching for energy sources in Africa and the Middle East.

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