Embarrassment in front of Sunak in his first weeks .. He trusts a bully minister!

After text messages bullying British Secretary of State Gavin Williamson in obscene language revealed Wendy Morton, the disciplinary officer in Parliament for organizing the death ceremony of Queen Elizabeth, it was found that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak supports the bully minister, which sparked a storm of criticism!

Today, Sunday, Minister of State in the British government, Oliver Dowden, announced that Sunak supports the Minister of State in the government accused of bullying his colleague, considering that the abusive phone messages were sent “in a moment of emotion.”

Wrong choices opened the door to controversy

The story began after a British report revealed that Minister Williamson was angry at not being invited to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, so he sent messages that were deemed inappropriate against Morton, the party disciplinary officer in Parliament, which prompted the latter to file an official complaint, according to the Sunday Times.

While Gavin, who was reappointed to a cabinet position by Sunak last month, is under investigation, Dowden announced that the prime minister still had confidence in him.

Despite calls for his dismissal, Sunak did not move a finger, but Doden, who is close to him, justified the words of the bully minister, which “was issued in a moment of emotion, as an expression of his frustration.”

Gavin Williamson (Minister Bully)

Gavin Williamson (Minister Bully)

Dowden also considered that the minister regretted what he had sent, according to him.

He still trusts him

Although he emphasized that he should not have sent those messages, he came back and stressed that the Prime Minister still had confidence in Gavin Williamson.

It is noteworthy that this was not the first misstep of the new prime minister, but another preceded it a few days ago, sparking anger in British circles, when Sunak decided to appoint Suila Braverman as Minister of the Interior, especially since the latter was dismissed from her job during the reign of Liz Terrace for violating safety rules by sending an official document on her personal email.

British Minister Wendy Morton victim of bullying

British Minister Wendy Morton victim of bullying

Challenging missions and challenges

It is noteworthy that the new prime minister faces difficult tasks, as he took over a country mired in a dangerous crisis in light of the high cost of living, with inflation exceeding 10%.

It also has to calm the turbulent markets since the announcement of the budget of the government of former Prime Minister Liz Terrace at the end of last September.

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