Embarrassing mistake..The German army withdraws military uniforms bearing the “Nazi” emblem

Bundeswehr soldiers have been ordered to remove stickers from their new uniforms, which could be interpreted as a Nazi emblem, according to the German newspaper “.The TimesLondon.

In recent weeks, the German Ministry of Defense has distributed about 313,000 sets of combat clothing to army personnel, including helmets and sleeping bags, in addition to waterproof jackets and pants, at an estimated cost of $2.38 billion.

Most of these clothes and tools were classified according to their sizes in the English language, and in the usual letters such as “S, M, L and XL”, but it seems that no thought was given to how to classify the size less than small, so the letter S was placed bis, to indicate the size of the clothes “Small”. Short”, which means “very small”.

This slogan has a bloody history. The “SS” was associated with the name of a Nazi battalion called the Shutzaffel, which committed many massacres during the Third Reich and participated in the Holocaust.

Displaying the symbols of the Nazi organization is so criminalized by German law that the letters “SS” are banned on license plates in all but one of Germany’s 16 states.

Accordingly, the ministry ordered any soldiers who have clothes with “SS” stickers to remove them immediately without delay, without the Ministry of Defense revealing the number of those pieces, but its spokesman confirmed that they are few.

The ministry said in a statement that the error resulted from a problem in the stages of manufacture and production of these pieces, explaining that these stickers are present on “a very small number of jackets … and as soon as we learned what was happening, we issued a circular to the elements to remove and dispose of them.”

And the statement added: “We are now in contact with the manufacturer to investigate what happened. We know that it sounds very strange to the public, so we had to deal with it immediately.”

“We are investigating the case, and as soon as we have clear findings we will act accordingly,” the statement concluded.

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