Electronic chips are the focus of a war between China and America, so what are its dimensions?

  • Surangana Tiwari and Jonathan Josephs
  • BBC News

Electronic chip

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Electronic chip

The United States has intensified its efforts and endeavors to impede China’s progress in the manufacture of electronic chips, which are an essential component of all electronic devices, such as smart phones, to weapons and military equipment.

In October, Washington announced some of the broadest export restrictions yet, with companies intending to export these chips to China required export licences. The restrictions included chips produced using US equipment or computer software, regardless of where in the world they were made.

The restrictions also prevent US citizens and green resident card holders from working for some Chinese chip companies. Green card holders are permanent residents of the United States and have the right to work in the country.

It cuts the way for China to access American capabilities, which will affect its ability to develop advanced semiconductors.

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