Egypt’s national team defeats Croatia with a historic victory at the start of the World Cup

09:06 PM

Friday, January 13, 2023

Follow-up: Suleiman Gharib

The Egyptian national team started its campaign in the World Handball Championship by achieving a historic victory at the expense of Croatia, 31-22, in the match that brought them together, this Friday evening.

The match between Egypt and Croatia was held in the first round of Group VII of the World Handball Championship, which was held in Poland and Sweden.

The Pharaohs team entered the Croatia match with a list that includes: Karim Hindawi – Abdel Rahman Hamid – Omar Al-Wakil Bakkar – Ahmed Moamen – Ali Zain – Ahmed Hisham Al-Sayed – Hassan Kaddah – Yahya Al-Dara – Saif Al-Dara – Ahmed Khairy – Mohsen Ramadan – Mohab Saeed – Muhammad Sanad – Akram Yousry – Muhammad Mamdouh – Ibrahim Al-Masry – Ahmed Adel.

Egypt finished the first half against Croatia with a score of 16-12 and maintained progress in the second half, which ended with a score of 31-22.

Thus, the Egyptian national team scored the first two points in the first kick in the World Cup handball, to lead Group G, with a goal difference from the United States of America, which also defeated Morocco, 28-27.

This victory is historic for the Egyptian national team, as it has never defeated Croatia in 4 previous World Cup handball confrontations.

Match details:

Egypt started scoring with the first hit by Ali Zain.

Egypt’s progress continued until the score reached 3-1.

The Stars of the Pharaohs held on and extended the score to 8-4.

In the 14th minute, the coach of the Croatian national team asked for a time-out to give his players some instructions.

With the 16th minute, the score reached 10-5 in favor of the Egyptian national team.

Yahya Al-Deraa got a two-minute ban for fouling a Croatian player.

In the 23rd minute, a Croatian player was suspended for two minutes, while the Pharaohs advanced 12-8.

Goalkeeper Karim Hindawi continued his brilliance in the match and prevented Croatia from reaching the ninth goal in the 24th minute.

In the 25th minute, Egypt widened the lead to 14-9.

Egypt managed to finish the first half with a difference of 4 goals, by ahead of Croatia, 16-12.

And with the start of the second half, Ibrahim Al-Masry got a two-minute suspension in the 31st minute.

Egypt continued to advance until the score reached 17-13 in the 34th minute.

Mohamed Sanad missed a penalty kick for the national team in the 35th minute, after it was saved by the Croatian goalkeeper.

In the 37th minute, the difference reached 6 goals, with Egypt’s national team ahead of Croatia, 20-14.

The Croatian coach requested a new time-out in the match, with the 38th minute.

In the 41st minute, the difference widened to 7 goals, with Egypt ahead of Croatia, 22-15.

In the 48th minute, Hindawi parried a heavy blow from Croatia, and the result indicated that the Pharaohs advanced 26-18.

And the coach of the Croatian national team got the third time-out in the match to give his players some instructions.

In the 51st minute, the difference reached 9 goals, with Egypt’s national team ahead of Croatia, 28-19.

The Egyptian national team won the match, 31-22, at the expense of Croatia, so that the Pharaohs won the first two points in the kick-off in the Handball World Cup.


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