Egypt.. Two policemen and a citizen were killed in an attack on a security checkpoint in Ismailia

On Friday, two policemen and a citizen were killed in an attack on a security checkpoint in Ismailia, Egypt, according to security and medical sources.

Sources at the Egyptian Ministry of Interior and the Ismailia City Security Directorate said that two gunmen riding two motorcycles opened fire at a security checkpoint, killing two policemen and a citizen in the city, east of Cairo. Two other policemen were wounded in the attack.

The sources added that one of the gunmen was killed, while the second fled with the help of others, according to Reuters.

In another version of the attack, security sources said that two cars approached the security barrier established in the residential neighborhood of Salam, and two people got out of them, each carrying an automatic weapon, and opened fire at the security forces, who responded by killing one of the attackers and injuring the other, who nevertheless fled, according to AFP.

Security sources believe that the attack is a “terrorist act”, the first of its kind in an Egyptian city in several years, with the exception of North Sinai.

From the Ismailia attack

For its part, the Egyptian “Extra News” channel said, on Friday, immediately after the attack, that an attempt to target a security force in the vicinity of Al-Salihin Mosque in Ismailia, in the northeast of the country, had been repelled.

The channel indicated that one of the elements that carried out the attack was killed.

And Egyptian media reported that the Ministry of Interior had tightened security measures in Ismailia after the ambush attack, and declared a state of security alert.

The security forces combed the area to search for the rest of the perpetrators who fled in the adjacent desert areas, while the entrances and exits of the governorate were closed.

Last May, 11 soldiers were killed in an attack in West Sinai.

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