Egypt.. The death of a famous businessman accused of raping orphanage girls by force and threats

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The great Egyptian businessman, Mohamed El-Amin, died a short while ago in Al-Salam International Hospital of his illness, after he was transferred to the hospital while serving a prison sentence in the case of the orphanage girls.

Journalist Mustafa Bakri announced the death of Muhammad al-Amin on his personal page on Twitter: “A short time ago, businessman Muhammad al-Amin died in Al-Salam International Hospital from his illness. Muhammad al-Amin was serving his sentence in Wadi al-Natrun Center for Reform and Rehabilitation, and he was transferred to al-Salam Hospital. Several months ago, and he passed away a short while ago, may God have mercy on him.”

The Public Prosecutor previously referred the accused, Muhammad al-Amin, to the Criminal Court, accusing him of human trafficking, who are 7 children, and violating their honour, by force and threat, with the testimony of 13 witnesses, the statements of the victim girls, and what was found from the examination of the accused’s mobile phone, and what was proven by the interest reports. Forensic Medicine, National Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Psychological and Social Research, Ministry of Solidarity.

The investigations ended with the accused sheltering the victimized girls in a home he established for orphans, and exploiting their weakness, need, and power over them with the intent of sexually exploiting them, and this was accompanied by violating their honor by force and threat to satisfy his lusts, under the weight of his threat to some of them to beat and expel them from the home if they reported it.

The victim girls explained the details of the attack on them by the accused, as examining his phone resulted in accessing a number of his photos with the victims, and proving his daily presence in the home, the place of the incident on successive days, and (the manager of the Missing Children page) provided an audio recording of a conversation between him and some of the victims girls ; Tell him about what they were exposed to.


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