Egypt .. The bodies of 3 people from one family were found, slaughtered and in a state of rot, under mysterious circumstances

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kafr El-Sheikh governorate in Egypt witnessed a heinous crime that killed a family of 3 people who were found murdered on Sunday morning, and the perpetrator is still unknown.

A report leading to the discovery of the incident

According to Egyptian media, the incident began when the security services received a report from the residents of the village of Shaqqa, which is affiliated with the Qulin Center District, stating that they had found 3 bodies of the father, mother, and son, with traces of slaughter on the neck, and they are in a state of rot inside one of the village’s houses.

The victim’s brother submitted a report in which he reported the presence of the body of his sister’s husband called J.M.A., 80 years old, who works as a farmer, and has a cutaneous wound in the neck, and his sister, “A”, 75 years old, who is a housewife, has a lifeless body, and has a bruise on the head from behind. Their son M.J., 45 years old, a teacher in the village school, a dead body with traces of a stab wound in the neck and a cut wound in the face. The three bodies are in the beginning of the stage of decomposition.

mysterious circumstances

Immediately, the security services went to the Al-Balagh website to find out the reasons and how what happened. Upon inspection and examination, it was found that the bodies of the aforementioned deceased were located inside their one-story house, consisting of two adjacent apartments. The body of the first, the head of the family, was found in the living room of the first apartment, and the second and third bodies belonging to the wife and son were in the hall of the second apartment, lying on their backs and fully dressed.

The investigation authorities were notified of the incident, which ordered the transfer of the dead bodies to the morgue of Kafr El-Sheikh General Hospital, and a forensic doctor was assigned to sign the anatomy on the three bodies. It also ordered the Criminal Investigation Unit to investigate the incident to reveal its circumstances and circumstances, to find out its truth, and to bury the deceased by knowing their eligibility after completing the signing of the anatomical description.

For their part, a number of the villagers confirmed that what happened was amazing because of this good family’s good reputation among the people of the region, which made them confused about the identity of those responsible for that heinous massacre.


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