Egypt and calls for demonstrations.. Mustafa Bakri tweets about “fabricated videos”: Play other

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Egyptian MP, Mustafa Bakri, commented on the calls to demonstrate against the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, on Friday, pointing to videos that he said were “fabricated” that were circulated.

This came in a series of tweets by Bakri on his Twitter page, where he said: “The traitors prepared the fabricated videos of the mass demonstrations to be broadcast and published on social media. Play others. The great people of Egypt will respond to you in their own way. The flag of the nation will remain high despite the conspirators and their masters.”

Bakri responded in a separate tweet, in which he said: “After the failure of the conspirators, they started asking their sleeper cells to postpone.

He continued, “I am looking for the reason.. Some see that sabotage and destruction is the way to reform.. The goal: opening the way for the Brotherhood’s return to power.. Implementing a hostile Western scheme, aiming to implement the (New Middle East) project to break up Egypt.. Opening the way. In front of the thugs to loot, steal and intimidate the safe…”

He added: “Reform is not achieved through destruction, but rather with security, stability and the preservation of homelands. Egypt is progressing despite all the difficult circumstances and the repercussions of the global crisis, and the great people of Egypt will not repeat the scenario of chaos that Egypt experienced after the events of January 25, which eventually led to the Brotherhood’s accession to power, until it almost The country is entering a civil war.


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