Egypt.. A 4-year-old child burns his two sisters to death

A 4-year-old boy caused the death of his two sisters after setting fire to the curtains of the family’s house in the Shubra neighborhood of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, according to local media.

The site mentionedCairo 24The incident took place on Monday, after the father, who works as a driver, went out to work in the morning, while the mother went to buy bread from one of the nearby bakeries, leaving three children at home, the oldest of whom is only 4 years old.

According to the investigations, the little boy grabbed a cigarette lighter that the mother had left on a table, and set fire to the children’s room curtain before the fire spread to the rest of the furniture.

The child holding the lighter did not respond to the cries of a neighbor whose apartment was located opposite the children’s balcony.

And that woman had seen the child set the curtains of the room on fire, while neither the time nor her cries helped her to gather the parents to save the child and his two sisters, 4 years old and another one year old, in time.

In the absence of the parents, the parents broke the door of the apartment, and this coincided with the sound of explosions of electricity cables inside the house.

However, the fire was faster than the parents, as it devoured all the belongings of the children’s room and burned the two girls, while the child who caused the fire passed out while he was stuck on the balcony of the house.

The neighbors succeeded with difficulty in saving the child, while desperate attempts to save his two sisters failed.

The injured child was transferred to the hospital, and he is in a critical condition, while the father was informed of the incident, in conjunction with the arrival of fire trucks, which put out the fire and prevented its spread to the rest of the apartment and neighboring houses.

Investigations revealed a surprise, which is that the child had previously set fire to one of the room’s curtains about a month ago, and it was extinguished by his father, who was in the house.

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