“Dozens of police cars and a helicopter were used in it” .. Watch a thrilling chase for a fugitive American accused in California

Exclusive translation: Documented a video clip, the moment of a sensational pursuit, between an accused and the American police, in southern California.

The chase between the accused and the police lasted for more than an hour, and took place across Los Angeles and Orange counties, and was transmitted live by helicopter.

The beginning was when the accused got into a white car, drove it on public and secondary roads, and rammed police and civilians cars with it, until it caught fire as a result of exploding tires.

The accused escaped from the car after it broke down, and kept running in the streets and seized a person’s car, so the chase continued again with the police.

The matter was repeated again and the tires of the second car exploded, and the accused hit more than 10 cars in the street, before being trapped inside a gas station.

More than 10 police cars gathered around the suspect, and he was arrested inside the gas station, according to the video clip, which documented the chase, which was broadcast on American television.


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