Does Amr Diab accept what Sherine Reda said about their daughter’s wedding?

The Egyptian actress, Sherine Reda, blew up several surprises when she talked about her daughter, Nour Amr Diab, and about the details of her wedding date, stressing that she will not have a wedding.

Sherine Reda said in an interview with ET in Arabic that she does not intend to hold a wedding for her daughter, although she is also the daughter of Amr Diab, who performed the most famous weddings in the Arab world.

“We don’t believe in these things.”

And she added, “We don’t have weddings, because we don’t believe in these things. I never wore a wedding dress. I wore acting, but in fact, no. Everyone is free to do what he wants, and she and I don’t like that. These are personal thoughts and minds. I see that the big party is her money.” So much, why do they not enjoy these things, it is better to travel with them, why the wedding dress, the hall, and these many expenses, all for one night.”

Amr Diab and Sherine Reda

Amr Diab and Sherine Reda

“They come to save us?”

She also added that her daughter also refuses to hold a wedding, but she has not yet settled on the form and method of the celebration, adding, “I never wanted to make her happy. And the year before that, so that they would not be upset, come and criticize us, this will never happen.

Controversial image

The artist, Sherine Reda, had sparked a state of controversy during the past few days, after circulating pictures of her with an “open stomach”, while attending the conclusion of the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia in its second session.

And the photo was taken from a wrong angle that made her appear as if her stomach was swollen or overweight, during her participation in the festival, in contrast to the truth revealed by other photos of her at the festival, during which she appeared normal.

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