Doctors informed him that he would die within a year.. A British cancer sufferer is fully recovering from the disease after using a new revolutionary treatment

Al-Marsad newspaper: Doctors in Britain expect that a man diagnosed with an aggressive form of bile duct cancer will live one year.

And the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported, on Friday, that Robert Glenn, 51, had completely recovered from cancer thanks to a new treatment for this malignant disease known as immunotherapy.

The tumor was classified as stage four, with very bleak predictions for the near future.

New program

He was transferred to a new cancer program, where he participated in clinical trials for a treatment known as immunotherapy, which was approved for use in the treatment of other cancers such as lung, kidney, and others.

The idea of ​​immunotherapy is to help the immune system recognize and attack cancer cells.

Pre-treatment screening showed that the patient’s tumor had a high mutation burden, indicating that he had a good response to treatment.

And the treatment of the patient, Glenn, depended on feeding his body with a liquid that helps the immune system to fight cancer, and the treatment also depended on chemical doses.

The treatment began to yield results, as the cancerous tumor in the liver shrank from 12 cm to 2.3 cm, while the cancerous tumor in the adrenal gland shrank from 7 cm to 4.1 cm.

fully recovered

The surprise was that the surgeons found only dead tissue, which means that the treatment eliminated the cancer cells.

He said that the doctors checked the tumors twice, but they did not believe what they saw, and one of the nurses said, “It is a miracle.”

Since the surgery he underwent last April, Glenn no longer needed additional treatments, and the following examinations showed that he had completely recovered from cancer.


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