Do not neglect it .. The most important tips for cleaning wooden floors

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If you think wood floors are delicate and require special care, you’re right.. Follow us for our top wood floor cleaning tips.

Using a soiled mop or forgetting to sweep, mop or vacuum before cleaning with water or a damp towel will simply redistribute the dirt.

Many acrylic-based liquid cleaners that are promoted as making wood floors glow can actually make them look worse. Some types of cleaners can form chalky wood floors and cause their color to fade over time. To find out if the cleaner is right for your wood floors, first apply it to a small part of the floor and watch for results. Also be aware that harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, undiluted vinegar or pine oil can damage floor finishes.

Even if you’re doing everything right, using too much cleaning products or water will make your floors look worse and lose their shine over time.

First you have to get rid of dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner, after that it is possible to clean the floor with water or a damp towel, but the task does not end here. The cleaning process should be finished with a good polishing to prevent white streaks from appearing on the wooden floor. Simply use a dry microfiber mop to polish the surface and ensure a shiny floor.

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