Do not miss the opportunity to watch.. the moon is associated with Mars today in a wonderful scene in the sky of Egypt

Today, Friday, November 11, 2022, the skies of Egypt and the Arab world monitor the conjunction of the diminishing humpback moon with the planet Mars, where they will be separated by about 3 degrees in a phenomenon that you will see with the naked eye.

And the Jeddah Astronomical Society revealed in a report that the moon and Mars will be monitored towards the northeastern horizon, and because the apparent distance between them is wide, they will not appear together in the field of view of the telescope, but this can be done through binoculars.

In addition, observing the brightness of Mars on a weekly basis is extremely important to monitor how it will change dramatically between now and the day of the meeting next December. These dramatic changes in the brightness of Mars (and its red color) are the reason why the ancients called this planet after the god of war, sometimes the god of war rested And sometimes it gets violent, and these changes are part of the reason why Mars is so amazing to see in the night sky.

To understand why the brightness of Mars varies so much in Earth’s sky, we must realize that Mars is not a very large planet with a diameter of only 6,790 kilometers and unlike Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter has a diameter of 140,000 km. More than 20 planets the size of Mars can be aligned side by side in front of Jupiter, so Jupiter always looks bright, because it is very large, but this is not the case for small Mars, whose luminosity is related to its proximity or distance from Earth.

Mars orbits the sun outside of Earth’s orbit and the distance between Earth and Mars changes. Sometimes Earth and Mars are on the same side of the solar system and close together, and sometimes, as was the case for most of 2021, Mars and Earth were on roughly opposite sides of the Earth. The sun is from each other, and thus Mars appears faint.

The reason why the red planet is sometimes bright is because the Earth takes a year to revolve around the sun once, and Mars takes about two years to revolve once.

So the brightness of Mars wanes and increases in the sky about every two years, but that’s not the only cycle of Mars that affects its brightness, there is also a 15-year cycle of bright and faint encounters.


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