Discovery of a famous and cheap plant that lowers cholesterol, prevents cancer and helps in losing weight

Al Marsad Newspaper: Flaxseeds have been known since ancient times to the ancient Greeks and Pharaohs as one of the most important types of medicinal seeds with many benefits to the body.

About the benefits of flaxseed:

1- Reduce the risk of heart disease: Modern science has proven the role of flaxseed in reducing the risk of heart disease and arteries. This is because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial fibers that help promote heart health, reduce blood pressure, and reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

2- Contributes to lowering high blood pressure: Studies have shown that regular consumption of flaxseeds helps reduce systolic blood pressure readings to about 10 millimeters of mercury, while diastolic blood pressure decreases to about 7 millimeters of mercury, according to Web Medicine.

3- Helps control diabetes: Numerous studies have shown benefits of flaxseed in lowering fasting glucose readings, as well as regulating blood sugar levels and insulin levels.

4- Helps treat constipation: One of the most prominent benefits of flaxseed is its use as a mild laxative, especially in cases of constipation. It can be eaten by adding it to bread, rice and whole grains, such as breakfast cereals, salads, and milk.

5- Weight loss: One of the most important benefits of flax seeds is its role in losing weight, because it is rich in dietary fiber and contains a low amount of carbohydrates, hence it is famous for losing weight.

6- Protects against cancer: Various scientific studies have shown that one of the benefits of flaxseed is its great role in fighting and preventing cancer, as ground flaxseed contains a large number of very effective chemical compounds known as lignin.


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