Disclosure of who is transporting Iranian drones to reach Russia by air and sea

In recent weeks, Ukraine and the West accused Tehran of providing Moscow with Iranian drones It was mentioned in a report issued last Thursday by the Sprotyv website of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces, explaining the methods used by Iran to transport these planes and deliver them to Russia. Companies affiliated with the Revolutionary Guard.

In the report, the state-owned airlines are Iran Air, which is controlled by the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the second is Pouya Air, owned by the Revolutionary Guards, and Saha Airlines, owned by the Air Force. As for the fourth, it belongs to the Revolutionary Guards, and it is the famous Mahan Air, which has previously tasted the sanctions targeted by the US Treasury.

Iran admits..but

However, Tehran, which admitted yesterday, Saturday, for the first time, that it provided Moscow with drones, which it said it sent before the war in Ukraine. The agencies quoted Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Iranian Foreign Minister, according to what we hear in the video shown by “Al Arabiya.net” below, as saying that a “small number” of rallies were sent to Russia, a few months before the Russian forces attacked Ukraine on 24 last February.

As in the Sprotyv report published, a translation of the most important thing in it in the Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” today, Saturday, that the transfer of Iranian drones by sea, the “Shahed-136” model, is unmanned across the Caspian Sea, in addition to other methods, the report did not mention them, but At least 200 “disassembled” ones are expected to arrive in Russia by sea this November.

And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a speech a while ago, accusing Russia of using Iranian drones to attack the Ukrainian energy sector. Once, Iranian kamikaze planes against Ukraine “but the Ukrainian defense forces shot down more than 300 of them,” he said.

The spokesman’s statement came after the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense issued a public notice, requesting information about the supply of Iranian weapons to Russia, and said in the notice: “We request the provision of any information that would help determine the logistical routes for the supply of Iranian weapons and identify the persons responsible for the supply.”

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