Disclosure of a popular type of spice that lowers cholesterol, fights Alzheimer’s, fights cancer and burns fat

Al Marsad Newspaper: Turmeric has been known to have many health benefits hundreds of years ago through ancient Chinese and Indian medicine.

On the benefits of turmeric:

1. A powerful anti-inflammatory: It has been proven that one of the health benefits of turmeric is that it contains a wide range of antioxidants, antivirals, antibacterial and antifungal substances, in addition to containing anti-inflammatory substances, and for this reason it is recommended as a natural remedy for arthritis, in addition to that it is an antiseptic and antiseptic agent It has natural germs, and is useful in disinfecting wounds and burns and accelerating their healing. It is a natural analgesic for pain, in addition to treating psoriasis, treating arthritis, treating asthma, fighting colds and influenza, stimulating the immune system, and wound healing.

2. Fighting cancer: Turmeric contains curcumin, which is the active ingredient in turmeric, which can stimulate cells to carry out the process that causes cancerous cells to self-destruct, and research has shown that a teaspoon of turmeric actually helps prevent many cancers. And the destruction of cancer cells because it contains antioxidants, and it may help prevent prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer, and it reduces the risk of leukemia in childhood, and it also has a role in enhancing the effectiveness of some types of chemotherapy and reducing the risk of cancer. its side effects.

3. Beneficial for the health of the liver and removes toxins from the body: The liver works to remove toxins from the blood through the production of enzymes, and turmeric helps to increase the production of these vital enzymes, which leads to an effective reduction of toxins in the body, according to “Web Medicine”.

4. Losing weight and burning fat: Many experiments have proven that one of the benefits of turmeric is that it helps in the metabolism of fats, helps in losing weight and slimming the abdomen, and there is an element in turmeric that helps stimulate the gallbladder to increase the secretion of bile in the body, which has the greatest role in digesting fats Helps reduce blood sugar levels, reduce cell resistance to insulin, which is responsible for increasing fat storage, and helps reduce the production of adipose tissue by increasing blood vessels. It can stimulate the body to burn fat in the processes of maintaining body temperature, improves digestion, and reduces Symptoms of bloating and gas. Turmeric is useful in treating most forms of intestinal infections, including ulcerative colitis.

5. Fighting Alzheimer’s: Research has shown a significant role for turmeric in preventing or slowing down the development of Alzheimer’s disease by removing plaques resulting from the accumulation of beta-amyloid protein between brain cells that cause Alzheimer’s. Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant activity, so Regular daily consumption of turmeric may be an effective way to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and improve memory.

6. Diabetes control: Many studies have shown that the antioxidants in turmeric effectively help reduce insulin resistance, which may have a role in preventing type 2 diabetes. It also has a role in improving glucose control, and increases insulin resistance. of the effect of drugs used in the treatment of diabetes.

7. Reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood: Research has shown that simply using turmeric as a food seasoning can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. It is known that high cholesterol in the blood can lead to other serious health problems, as it contributes to preventing many heart diseases. and vascular disease.

8. The benefits of turmeric for the face, beauty and skin: It was found that curcumin has properties that help enhance the health and beauty of the skin, strengthen hair and treat its problems. Perhaps the strongest results appeared on the topic of treating acne and its effects, purifying the skin and unifying its color.


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