Dina Hayek after suffering cancer: My family is the main supporter

Last October, the Lebanese actress announced Dina Hayek She had breast cancer.

In the latest interview with the On Stage program, she said that she now lives with her family and returns to the atmosphere of childhood, stressing that “this gives me positive energy.”

She also revealed that at first she did not tell her family members about her illness out of fear for them, and that the first person she told him was a friend of hers.

her hair falling out

She added that her hair began to fall out, pointing out that she was very sad at the beginning when she was styling it and seeing it fall dramatically, so she did not want to style it, but she pointed out that she has now accepted this stage, and if all her hair fell, she would use a wig.

And about the reason for not revealing her illness to her fans, she explained that she was not in a good psychological state to appear to the public, so she went to the doctors and did not know whether she would undergo an operation or chemotherapy first, adding that she knows that her audience loves her and does not want them to grieve because of her.

She also went on to say that when she appeared and talked about the topic, she wanted to send a message, so she appeared in Breast Cancer Awareness Month and decided to share her story with the public.

As for the details of her day, she explained that she eats a lot of vegetables and there is food she must eat, adding: “My mother makes me drink pomegranate juice because it increases immunity.”

6 months ago

It is noteworthy that the artist had announced that she had breast cancer of the third degree, and discovered the disease 6 months ago, and this was the reason for her absence from her audience.

Dina Hayek, 40, whose real name is Colette Bourges, is known in the Arab world for her strong voice. She presented songs that achieved great success, including: “Sahar El Gharam”, “Les We Hndaya”, “I wrote you”, “Come to my heart”, “Uncle Doob”, “Mother of the world Egypt” and others.

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