Di Maria’s wife enters the battle of Argentina and France after the final

Georgelina Cardozo, wife of Argentina’s Angel Di Maria, joined the battle between the French and the Argentines that followed the events of the recent World Cup final, as she attacked former French international Adel Rami after his comments about her marriage and fellow goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez.

A conflict erupted between the Argentines and the French after the World Cup final, which Argentina won 4-3 on penalties, specifically after goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez celebrated towards the French fans, and then towards Kylian Mbappe, the roosters star.

Adel Rami, the French national team player who won the 2018 World Cup, wrote that “FIFA” wronged Moroccan Yassin Bono after he awarded Emiliano Martinez the award for best goalkeeper in the tournament, describing him as “the biggest scoundrel in the world.” Di Maria responded to Rami, saying: Martinez is the best goalkeeper in the world. Find another place to cry.

He attacked Rami Di Maria, putting 4 pictures of the Argentine player crying and wrote: You cry when you win, you cry when you lose, you cry when you leave the club, and now you cry when you look at this tweet. Can you teach me how to cry?

Cardozo intervened in the fray and wrote in response to Rami: Di ​​Maria can teach you how to cry, he can teach you how to treat people better, and he can also teach you how to score goals in the finals.

Di Maria was one of the most important elements that contributed to Argentina’s victory in the World Cup, after he caused a penalty kick in the final match against France and added the second goal.

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