Develop software tools for space applications

Develop software tools for space applications

Azure Orbital Space has unveiled software tools for applications outer space.

announced Microsoft The company’s global owner, announced the November 17 private preview of a new product, the Azure Orbital Space Software Development Kit (SDK).

With its spacecraft-neutral SDK, Azure Orbital intends to make it easier for space-related applications to be built in the cloud and deployed on spacecraft operated by Azure Orbital partners, Stephen Kitai, senior manager of Azure Space, told SpaceNews.

“Microsoft has a vision to lower the entry barrier for space developers and reduce the need for customized solutions,” Kitai said. “Space application development is a highly specialized field.”

Kitai added that the lack of standards makes writing applications, reusing code via satellites, and missions difficult and time-consuming.

“In-orbit computers are becoming increasingly capable, yet the demands for rapid data processing are increasing as Earth observation, communications and space awareness tasks shift to artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed up operations and increase the autonomy of spacecraft.”

Instead of launching private satellites, Azure Orbital has created a smart, software-run spaceship hosting platform operated by its partners Ball Aerospace, Loft Orbital, Thales Alenia Space and Xplore.

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