Details of the arrest of the Egyptian blogger “Hadir Atef” and her husband…and the disclosure of the charge against them

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Public Prosecution in Egypt ordered the imprisonment of the famous blogger, Hadeer Atef, her sister-in-law, Hajar Mahmoud, and the latter’s husband, Tamer Adel, after accusing them of “swindling, fraud, and illegal appropriation of citizens’ money.”

The Public Prosecution also ordered the speedy arrest of Bilal Mahmoud, the husband of Hadeer Atef, as he is a fugitive and accused of the same charges.

And the story of Hadeer Atef had occupied the pioneers of social media, on Sunday, after her mother appeared in a video clip claiming that unknown persons had kidnapped her daughter in retaliation for her fugitive husband who seized their money, and the mother also claimed that her daughter was divorced as soon as she learned of her husband’s illegal practices, according to “Sky”. News”.

Hours later, the security services announced the arrest of Hadeer Atef, her sister-in-law and the latter’s husband.

The authorities revealed that they had received reports from 16 citizens accusing the famous fashion blogger and her registered husband, Danger, and his sister and her husband, of defrauding and defrauding them and obtaining sums of money from them by deluding them into owning a group of companies working in several fields, including cars, real estate and securities trading, claiming to invest that money for them in exchange for financial profits. .

According to what the security services monitored, Hadeer Atef promoted on her Instagram page the activities of those companies among her followers.

During the security interrogation, the arrested defendants admitted to receiving money from the victims amounting to more than one million pounds, under the pretext of investing it in exchange for profits, but they did not do so and did not return the original amounts.

The Public Prosecution investigated the accused and ordered the arrest of the runaway blogger’s husband.


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