Despite Harry and Megan’s attack on the family, King Charles’s hand extends the “olive branch”

Despite what he did Documentary series about Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle From great controversy and negative reactions in British society, King Charles III “extended an olive branch” to the “Duke and Duchess of Sussex”, despite the criticism of the British royal family by the “Netflix” series.

According to a report by the Daily Mail. Daily Mail Although the official invitation to Harry and Megan to participate in the ceremony scheduled for next year has not yet been issued, the newspaper’s sources confirmed that the king informed his son and wife that they would be welcome at the ceremony.

It seems that the King of Britain did not change his mind even after that He was criticized by the royal duo in the controversial documentary.

Reports say that King Charles III decided to hold his official inauguration ceremony as king in the summer of next year 2023. Experts consider that the ceremony will be an opportunity for Britain to exercise the soft power represented by the ruling family.

Voices were raised in Britain to strip Harry and Megan of their royal titles after the broadcast of the episodes of the documentary series, as a result of what they said was the strong criticism he leveled against the royal family.

Prince Harry and his American wife, Megan Markle, left the British royal family in 2020 due to what they said was harassment.

Prince Harry escalated his attack on the royal family in the final episodes of the “Netflix” series.

Harry accused his brother, Prince William, of yelling at him and his father for saying untrue things during a family meeting. Harry also accused his brother, William, of copying his father, the king’s, methods of dealing with the media.

Meanwhile, Megan accused the family of preventing her from seeking help when she had suicidal thoughts.

As soon as the uproar of the first three episodes of the controversial series subsided, Netflix released 3 more episodes that shed light on the major differences between the two arch-brothers, Harry and William, and between Harry and King Charles as well. She continues to tell some of the secrets of the most famous palace in Britain and the world.

In the last episodes, Harry seemed more daring to tell the details of the differences with family members. He said that his brother William screamed at him horribly, while his father, King Charles, said things that were not true, during a family meeting to discuss his abandonment of his royal duties and in the presence of the late queen.

He also talked about what he described as a “dirty game” between the palace and the media. All accusations directly hit the king, and accuse William of following his ways. Harry also referred to the jealousy of some family members of Megan because of what he described as her success in stealing the spotlight from them.

On the other hand, the British media does not stop attacking the duo, perhaps by proxy on behalf of the family. Although the statistics indicate a high viewership of the series, other statistics say that Harry and Megan are currently among the least popular among family members.

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