Dental implants – Here’s the difference between the fixed and mobile type

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Some people need dentures, for various reasons, including the decay of all teeth, especially in the elderly, but there are many types of artificial teeth, including fixed and movable structures.

In the next report, The Consulto reviews the difference between fixed and movable teeth, according to the “Kin Dental” website.

What are artificial teeth?

Doctors classify dental prostheses into two main groups: fixed and removable. Any item intended to replace the function of one or more missing or defective teeth is known as a denture, which includes: implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures.

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Types of dentures

When a patient loses part of his teeth, the placement of artificial teeth is an excellent help on the functional and aesthetic levels, and the dentist will be responsible for recommending to the patient the most appropriate type of denture suitable for his condition, as the prostheses that replace the natural function of damaged teeth for various reasons, here are the two types:

First: fixed dentures

Fixed dentures are those that are permanently placed in the oral cavity. Depending on the case, the doctor attaches them directly to the other natural teeth or to the jawbone. Fixed prostheses have the advantage that the patient completely forgets that he is wearing them.

Fixed dentures are devices that fit naturally in the mouth, helping a person to chew almost as if they were the original teeth. However, attention must be paid to periodic oral hygiene when fitted to avoid damage.

Second: movable dentures

Removable dentures are an alternative to natural teeth that can be removed and inserted when necessary. Removable dentures are characterized by the availability of complete or partial dentures, as they depend on implants that are metal fixed in the jaw bones and then connect the upper row of teeth to it. It can be removed when necessary and it is also comfortable.

Although the cost of removable dentures is cheaper, some patients suffer from discomfort and instability, but the doctor recommends in the following cases:

– Asymmetry in the jaw bone.

When infected with some diseases.

When there are not enough jaw bones.

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Which is better?

The doctor chooses movable or fixed teeth based on several criteria as follows:

– the cost

The cost of movable teeth differs from that of fixed ones. The cost increases with the complicated situation where fixed ones need surgical intervention.

The patient’s health condition

The doctor gives priority according to the location of the specific tooth and the space between the gums and jawbones, and then determines which one is more appropriate.

– the expected results

It is not important to choose a denture based on aesthetics, but rather the function of the tooth, which is chewing.

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Tips for maintaining dentures

The method of maintaining dentures differs according to its type, as follows:

Moving crews

The best way to deal with removable dentures is to remove the denture and then wash it separately from the mouth using products that specialize in cleaning dentures.

Fixed kits

Fixed dentures require that you follow the oral hygiene guidelines recommended by your dentist and should be treated as carefully as your original teeth.

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Tips when eating with dentures

The NHS explained that when you first start wearing dentures, your diet should be as follows:

Eat soft foods cut into small pieces and chew them slowly from both sides of your mouth.

Avoid chewing gum and any food that is sticky, hard or has sharp edges.

Gradually start eating other types of food until returning to traditional foods.

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