Deduction of points? .. An official penalty against Al-Ahly shakes the Saudi street

Sports journalist Nabil Al-Aboudi announced official sanctions against Alahli football clubin the Yellow First Division League.

Al-Ahly plays inDory Yellow“, during the current season 2022-2023, after relegation for the first time in its history, at the end of last sports year.

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And Al-Raqi ranked fifteenth “penultimate” in the ranking table Saudi Professional League 2021-2022; Which resulted in its official relegation.

* Official penalties against Al-Ahly Club .. and the fact of “deduction of points”

In this context, Al-Aboudi revealed, during television statements, the signing of financial fines against Al-Ahly; Because of his refusal to put the “Yellow” logo on the shirt of the first football team.

Al-Ahly officials refuse to put the “Yellow” logo – the official sponsor of the first division competition -; For marketing reasons related to the club.

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The sports journalist stressed that placing the logo is binding on Al-Ahly and all first-class clubs, according to the terms of the contract; The “violator” is subject to progressive penalties.

Nabil Al-Aboudi explained that the fines for Al-Ahly club will escalate in every match, in which the first football team will not put the “Yellow” logo.

Therefore, Al-Ahly will not be subjected – at least for now – to deducting points from its balance in the Yellow League, because of its refusal to put the “Yellow” logo; As reported in the media.

It is worth noting that the first football team in Al-Ahly Club is ranked fifth in the Yellow First Division league table, with 15 points, with two matches postponed.

– Yellow First Division League standings 2022-2023

Yellow League Table

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