“Decapitation strike” .. Lavrov accuses America of seeking to assassinate Putin

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, on Tuesday, that the statements of US officials from the Pentagon about directing a “decapitation strike” to the Kremlin are, in fact, a threat to the physical liquidation of the Russian head of state, in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to what was reported by the Russian “TASS” agency, Lavrov added, “Washington went further than everyone else. There are some officials from the Pentagon who threatened to strike the head of the Kremlin. In fact, we are talking about a threat to physically liquidate the head of the Russian state.”

“If someone sponsors such ideas, he should think carefully about the possible consequences of such plans,” Lavrov warned.

Russian President Putin and US President Biden

Russian President Putin and US President Biden

Lavrov also reminded Western officials of what was issued, their actions, and their references to a nuclear confrontation, adding: “It seems that they have completely abandoned tact. It is clear that Liz Terrace (former British Prime Minister) announced during the pre-election debate that she is fully prepared to issue an order for a nuclear strike.” .

The Russian Foreign Minister referred to the provocations committed by the regime in Ukraine, saying: “Not to mention the extra-logical provocations of the Kyiv regime,” noting that President Volodymyr Zelensky has reached the point of asking NATO countries to launch preemptive nuclear strikes on Russia.

He stressed, “This also goes beyond the limits of what is acceptable.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the military operation in Ukraine on February 24, with the aim of “eradicating Nazism” in Ukraine and disarming it, saying that they constitute a threat to Russia. Kyiv and its Western allies say the Russian invasion is a colonial land grab.

An alliance of nations opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – from NATO members to US allies Japan and Australia – has held firm, defying expectations that rising energy prices fueled by the war could split the alliance.

Lavrov reaffirmed that Russia and the United States cannot have normal relations, blaming US President Joe Biden’s administration for that. “From an objective angle, it is impossible to establish normal contacts with the Biden administration, which declares that one of its goals is to inflict a strategic defeat on our country,” Lavrov said.

US-Russian relations deteriorated to their lowest levels in decades in light of the repercussions of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine and the consequent imposition of Western sanctions on Moscow.

The United States has provided billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, the latest of which was a $1.85 billion aid package announced last week that angered Moscow.

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