Dangerous confessions of the perpetrator of the Istanbul attack: a teenager planning a similar bombing

Turkish media published new confessions of Ahlam al-Bashir, the perpetrator of the Istiklal Street bombing in central Istanbul, in which she talked about the presence of another girl who was preparing to carry out a similar bombing.

Yesterday, Turkish media published a copy of a report by the anti-terrorism police in Istanbul, containing new confessions of the perpetrator of the Istanbul bombing, which took place last month.

13 pages

According to the 13-page police report, Ahlam al-Bashir said that the person with whom she came from Syria to Turkey, nicknamed Bilal al-Hassan, brought with him another Syrian girl, aged 16 to 17, to carry out a similar mission.

She added that the girl came with “important materials”, which are explosives, noting that Bilal Al-Hassan received $400 in exchange for securing a place of residence for the girl.

Her confession stated: “I think that this girl sent from Syria will be used like me. I know that Bilal has many acquaintances in Esenyurt and Esenler (in Istanbul).”

Bloody attack

A bomb placed inside a suitcase exploded on the tourist “Istiklal” Street near Taksim Square in Istanbul, on November 13, killing six people and injuring more than 81 others.

Hours later, the Turkish Minister of Interior, Suleiman Soylu, announced the arrest of the bomber, whose name was Ahlam al-Bashir, in addition to the arrest of about fifty people who the authority said were linked to the attack.


Investigations resulted in Al-Bashir being linked to a network of three people responsible for the bombing, including Ammar Jarkas and Bilal Al-Hassan, who the Turkish authorities are looking for.

Turkish security arrested Jarkas and his brother Ahmed, and Turkish media said that he was “the mastermind of the bombing, and he is the one who gave the bomb to Bashir.”

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