Cristiano Ronaldo: When the Portuguese striker got confused between Saudi Arabia and South Africa

  • Farooq Chauthia and Joseph Winter
  • BBC News

Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia

image copyright EPA

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Arab fans didn’t care about Ronaldo’s slip of the tongue

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo misspelled the name of Saudi Arabia while speaking at his first press conference in his host country after his multimillion-dollar transfer to Al-Nasr Club.

As he sat in front of a background with a welcome phrase written on it to come to Saudi Arabia, the Portuguese star said in a serious voice, “It is not the end of my career to come to South Africa.”

Although Saudi officials were likely unhappy, they did not seek to correct Ronaldo at Tuesday’s press conference.

It did not seem that he bothered his new Saudi fans, who received him warmly when he appeared wearing the Al-Nasr team uniform, in its yellow and blue colors.

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