Corona virus: why did some not catch it at all?

  • James Gallagher
  • BBC Health and Science Editor

James holding his blood vial

photo released, James Gallagher

I hope this blood sample contains answers, because I have a question: Have I never been infected with the Corona virus?

That someone could avoid being infected with it seems exceptional. The virus has swept all over the world since it appeared in China about three years ago. And the new mutants kept gaining a better ability to infect us. Even vaccines only reduce the severity of the virus and do not give us an impenetrable shield.

But I kept going to work all that time, even during the closures, and the virus hit the rest of my family violently, and yet I didn’t get sick. I am by no means the only person who has not had Covid symptoms and has not tested positive. An estimate published last summer suggests that one in 10 people in the UK has not yet been infected.

What is going on then? Does my body and the bodies of people who have never had Covid contain some secret to fighting the disease?

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