Corona Virus: An epidemic investigation committee requests the disclosure of Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages

  • Nick Triggle
  • Health Correspondent

Corona investigation committee requests disclosure of Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages

photo released, Getty Images

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Johnson, right, with a medical advisor during a daily health conference during the crisis.

The Public Inquiry into the Corona virus in Britain has requested to see former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s messages on the WhatsApp application during his tenure as prime minister as part of its investigation into the decision-making process during that period.

Lawyer Hugo Keith, legal counsel for the panel, said the letters were requested, along with thousands of other documents.

He noted that this part of the investigation mainly focused on understanding how “critical” decisions were made to impose closures and restrictions during the outbreak of the epidemic.

Keith announced this information while talking about how this “unit” works, as the investigation is divided into different sections, or into “units” as they are called.

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