Common mistakes when brushing teeth

I wrote – Hoda Abdel Nasser:

Some people suffer from problems with their teeth, despite taking care of them, and the reason may be because they make mistakes when brushing and flossing them.

In the following lines, “The Consulto” reviews the most common mistakes when brushing teeth, according to “WebMD”.

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Errors when brushing teeth

1- Using an inappropriate toothbrush

It is necessary to rely on the electric brush, because it is more capable of cleaning the teeth, compared to the regular brush, with the need for its bristles to be soft and its head to be bendable.

2- Brush your teeth quickly

Some people get used to brushing their teeth quickly, knowing that the appropriate time to get a clean mouth, free of bacteria and food residue, and less likely to accumulate plaque, is two minutes, according to the recommendations of the American Dental Association.

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3- Brush your teeth only once

Brushing teeth with brush and toothpaste only once in the morning is not enough to protect them from decay. Rather, it is necessary to brush them twice a day, to remove bacteria and plaque.

4- Brush and putty suffice

Although the brush and toothpaste are important in cleaning the teeth, they cannot be satisfied with them, so you should get used to using medical floss as well, and rinse with mouthwash.

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5- Brushing teeth immediately after eating

If you brush your teeth immediately after eating, there is a possibility that the enamel layer that covers its outer surface is at risk of erosion, because the mouth after meals is acidic for a period of 20 to 30 minutes.

Therefore, you must wait half an hour after eating or use mouthwash if you are in a hurry.

6- Wrong brushing teeth

Some people rarely know the correct way to brush their teeth, knowing that it is simple. All you have to do is “tilt the toothbrush slightly, so that it is at an angle of 45 degrees to the gums, while moving its head in circular motions, not from right to left.”

7- Using a toothbrush for long periods of time

The brush should be changed every 3 or 4 months, because after this period, it becomes unusable, and using it to clean the teeth may have adverse effects on oral health.

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8- Violent brushing of teeth

Some believe that brushing the teeth vigorously makes them cleaner, and this has nothing to do with reality. Rather, violence leads to injury to the gums and erosion of the enamel, so brushing should be used gently.

9- Excessive putty

The amount of paste used should be equal to the size of a pea, covering half the length of the brush, because the fluoride in it may cause a change in the shape and structure of the teeth when excessive.

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