Cleopatra married her two brothers, and the researcher is looking for a descendant from her that he may find in Syria

In Alexandria, the capital of the Ptolemies in Egypt 20 centuries ago, she was born in 69 BC, who was named by her father, Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra Thea Philopator, which means “the glory of her father” in Greek at that time, and historically known as “Cleopatra”, who died at the age of 39, and left her fame on earth. As one of the most powerful queens of ancient times, in addition to 2 male and 3 female siblings. She also left 4 young children, so what happened to her children after her suicide?

Few know that Cleopatra, which has spread in the past two days, has news about The possibility of finding her grave near Alexandriaso that her DNA can be identified, she was a wife starting from 50 BC to her brother Ptolemy XIII, who was drowned in the Nile after 4 years.

After him, she married her second brother, Ptolemy XIV, born in 59 BC, but the marriage that was common between the brothers, only for political reasons at that time, ended with his poisoned death at the age of 15, that is, 3 years after his inauguration as king, with his sister and wife Cleopatra. As the actual and administrative ruler of the country.

She only gave birth to her partner and lover

Cleopatra had only one son from her later consort, Julius Caesar, who was assassinated on March 15, 44 BC, in addition to 3 sons from her lover Marcus Antonius, who committed suicide in Alexandria 11 days before her death there on August 12, 30 BC, to defeat him. In the naval battle of Actium in Greece, according to his biography. The video shown below is an excerpt from a 1963 Hollywood movie called Cleopatra, about her majestic arrival in Rome, accompanied by her only son from Caesar, who we see sitting waiting for her, and his loyal general Marcus Antony.

The son of Cleopatra from Julius Caesar, and he is the most famous of her four children. He was born in Alexandria as Ptolemy XV in the late 47 BC, but he was known as Caesarion or “Little Caesar” in Latin, according to what suffered from his short biography, In it, although many believed that she was lying about his paternity, Julius Caesar himself trusted her words and adopted “Caesarion” as his official son.

It was Caesar who started in the late 48 BC. After his affair with her, he returned a year after the birth of his son, and then she arrived with the son, “a scandalous arrival” to Rome, because she and Caesar were unmarried, so she moved away from gossip and resided with her son on the outskirts of the city, and two years later Caesar spent an assassination without being mentioned. Caesarion” with his will, so they adopted his nephew “Octavia” as his heir, so Cleopatra returned to Egypt and made her son “Little Caesar” her partner with her in ruling.

With his death, the kingdom of Egypt ended

Then, at the end of 41 BC, Marcus Antony became interested in her, who declared that “Caesarion” was a real son and only heir to Julius Caesar, so he was constantly attacking Octavian, until the situation became tense and a war broke out between the two, and on August 23, 30 BC, That is, 11 days after the death of his mother, and 22 from the death of Mark Antony, Caesarion was killed at the age of 17 at the hands of Roman soldiers, by order of Octavian, and with the death of the three, the Ptolemaic kingdom in Egypt ended and turned into a province of the Roman Empire.

From a statue of Cleopatra they recognized her features, and from another to her lover Mark Antony they could imagine his face.

From a statue of Cleopatra they recognized her features, and from another to her lover Mark Antony they could imagine his face.

As for her affair with Marcus Anthony, it resulted in the birth of two orphaned twins at the age of 10 years: in 40 BC, his name was Alexander Helios and a female name was given her first name as her mother’s name, Cleopatra Selene, who is more famous and successful than her brother. The new Africa for two decades, although she died barely about 35 years old, because of her marriage at the age of only 15 years.

Her twin brother, Alexander Helios, lived in Egypt until he was 10 years old. Then he was transferred after the death of his parents to Rome with his sister before her marriage, and here information about him is cut off and conflicting, and most of it is ambiguous about what happened to him, while the most acceptable to historians is that he accompanied his sister when she got married, and it is possible that he died a young man in Rome or Mauritania, or missing on one of the islands of the sea Mediterranean.

Searching for a descendant of Cleopatra

Also, information about Cleopatra III’s son, Ptolemy II Philadelphus, from Marcus Anthony, is very little, including that he was born 4 years before the death of his parents, according to what historians say. Or he lived in Mauritania when he reached the age of 11, and then nothing about him at all, neither in Mauritania nor anywhere else.

As for those who wish to find someone in the world descended from Cleopatra, whose beauty, historians say, may have been ordinary, but she was of a kind that captivated the hearts, he may find his DNA in Syria if he is lucky, according to what concluded from a few mentioned on the subject in Internet sites, as from the end of the video shown above, in the area of ​​”Tel Abu Saboun” near the city of Homs in western Syria, he was born in 78 AD and lived the last known descendant of it.

He was a Roman national, his name was Gaius Julius Sampsiceramus. Little information was reported about him by historians, including that he was the grandson of the Syrian king Gaius Julius Sohaemus, known in Arabic as “Suhaimus al-Imsani” (meaning al-Homsi), the husband of Princess “Drusila” known as the “Little Mauritanian” and the daughter of Ptolemy the Mauritanian. , Cleopatra’s grandson from her daughter Cleopatra Selene and her husband, the Berber king Yuba II, so the last branch that grew on Cleopatra’s family tree is Gaius, which must have leafed and yielded DNA that spread to thousands of others in Syria over 2000 years, but where is his grandmother’s DNA to use as a comparison ?

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